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"The biggest mistake and misconception of human beings is to think that all fruits and vegetables are raw. They most certainly are not. They have been cooked by sun in a course of 5 to 6 months. That's way they should not be cooked again and stripped of their entire nutrients. They should be thought of as Suncooked. That’s what they really are"

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Blue Sky

Food Factory
I never trust my food to be manufactured in a factory with a low ceiling (like a kitchen); I only trust the food that has been created under the blue sky.


“The world around us is like a big oven, and the sun in the middle is the element or the energy source of this oven. Any fruit, vegetable… which is cooked in this oven is suncooked; it is not raw anymore and does not need to be cooked again in our small kitchen ovens”

Q: Do you know how we have been able to reduce our life expectancy from hundreds of years to only a few decades full of stress, pain and sufferings?
A: Just by cooking our food.

Fruit and vegtable

Man Cooked

**How many times you have gone to an oil change shop and asked  the guy that please put burnt oil (used oil) in to my car, probably none and instead you have always asked  for the best oil, but how is that we put burnt oil(fat) into our body for whole life time and expect that  our body work fine. And this kind of food makes us happy. This is never going to happen.**


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Who is the real cook?

Yes, really who is the real cook, is it someone who has attended a culinary school for six months or at most one year and is wearing a white dress, a hat and has a degree with lots of passion for cooking.
Then after cooking for few years would be graduated to be a chef and comes up with food recipes and secrets. No he cannot be a true cook.

The Real cook is someone who knows everything about us and familiar with all aspects of our lives from physical and biological to mental and spiritual. The one who is fully aware of our health and needs, the one who has all these qualifications is the one who has created us. We call this cook God.

Unfortunately he does not believe in fast foods. He cooks rather slowly over many months but he cooks thousands different kind of food in any given season , this is very important because when you go to a restaurant and see that they have prepared as many as 50 different kind of food you will say woe they have than a great job.

God in is providing countless number of food , any region has its own special kind of food , and if you try just write down the name of food it is going to be impossible.

The food that he prepare for us is tasteful and has beautiful colors and textures; and even though they are different in appearance but they contain all the vital and necessary ingredients for human body; so if you where to choose a cook for yourself wouldn’t you rather have him as your cook.

When we see human in cooking it looks like a kid wasting the entire ingredients, smashing, mixing, heating….and plying with them, and ends with a mixture that for one thing it has been burned; and striped of all the vitamins and nutrients which looks like anything but food. This can be called imitation food.

This food is hazardous and the immediate result from eating this kind of food is getting sick in short or long run.

What is the first thing that human being does when he makes a car or any other equipments that has movement and uses energy; he make its fuel with all necessary specifications and insist that exact same fuel or source of energy must be used or you run into risk of damaging the equipment.

Now how it is imaginable that the one, who has created us, has not given the full thought to our food and has not provided us with complete food and has left us hopeless in hands of cooks. How you can trust some people by putting your faith on their hands and closing your eyes, and let them do whatever they want to do with your food.


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