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"The biggest mistake and misconception of human beings is to think that all fruits and vegetables are raw. They most certainly are not. They have been cooked by sun in a course of 5 to 6 months. That's way they should not be cooked again and stripped of their entire nutrients. They should be thought of as Suncooked. That’s what they really are"

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Blue Sky

Food Factory
I never trust my food to be manufactured in a factory with a low ceiling (like a kitchen); I only trust the food that has been created under the blue sky.


“The world around us is like a big oven, and the sun in the middle is the element or the energy source of this oven. Any fruit, vegetable… which is cooked in this oven is suncooked; it is not raw anymore and does not need to be cooked again in our small kitchen ovens”

Q: Do you know how we have been able to reduce our life expectancy from hundreds of years to only a few decades full of stress, pain and sufferings?
A: Just by cooking our food.

Fruit and vegtable

Man Cooked

**How many times you have gone to an oil change shop and asked  the guy that please put burnt oil (used oil) in to my car, probably none and instead you have always asked  for the best oil, but how is that we put burnt oil(fat) into our body for whole life time and expect that  our body work fine. And this kind of food makes us happy. This is never going to happen.**


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What is Censer and how to prevent it?

When we start our lives our cells start reproducing rapidly to form the organs and grow the body, and it keeps doing this until the job is complete and body gets to its maximum size and then the pace slows down and reproduce just to replace the dead cells and damage ones.

This is a very important capability in human body which heels after a bruise, wound or injury from an accident or a disease;  the body acts immediately and soothes the damage part and relieve the effected organ from pain, by rebuilding it again with producing cells to compensate for the lost ones.

In other cases our body acts the same way, like when you eat a bad food, as soon as this food gets in to our body starts to cause problems and damage to our body, and leaves scar to our tissues and organs until leaves the body and in some cases even long after the food is gone.

Therefore the body needs to repair food effect after consuming. in doing so cells has to reproduce for dead and damaged tissues, our body is very advanced and sophisticated and can put up with these harm for a long time but gradually this reproduction gets to a dangerous point which cannot be stopped and that when we call it Cancer.

So cancer is the very natural and ordinary reaction of body to chronic damages due to injuries to the body with consumption of bad food, breathing polluted air, smoking, drinking and doing drugs.

Another example of this is sometimes after breaking of a bone we develop bone cancer.

Now you see that a very useful characteristic which has meant to help us and work to our benefit by misusing it would turn to be our worst enemy which kills over 50,000 just in United States alone.

The prevention is rather easy but requires some effort from our side, first keep fire away from food. Let’s face it we are not the food maker and never would be, so why waste the time and the material and endanger our lives and lives of our loved ones, why be sad when we can be happy , why cry when we can laugh and finally why be sick when we can be healthy.

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