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"The biggest mistake and misconception of human beings is to think that all fruits and vegetables are raw. They most certainly are not. They have been cooked by sun in a course of 5 to 6 months. That's way they should not be cooked again and stripped of their entire nutrients. They should be thought of as Suncooked. That’s what they really are"

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Blue Sky

Food Factory
I never trust my food to be manufactured in a factory with a low ceiling (like a kitchen); I only trust the food that has been created under the blue sky.


“The world around us is like a big oven, and the sun in the middle is the element or the energy source of this oven. Any fruit, vegetable… which is cooked in this oven is suncooked; it is not raw anymore and does not need to be cooked again in our small kitchen ovens”

Q: Do you know how we have been able to reduce our life expectancy from hundreds of years to only a few decades full of stress, pain and sufferings?
A: Just by cooking our food.

Fruit and vegtable

Man Cooked

**How many times you have gone to an oil change shop and asked  the guy that please put burnt oil (used oil) in to my car, probably none and instead you have always asked  for the best oil, but how is that we put burnt oil(fat) into our body for whole life time and expect that  our body work fine. And this kind of food makes us happy. This is never going to happen.**


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How to Raise a Future Scientist?

Kids do not come with instruction manuals, so how do you want to keep them healthy and happy the first step is that the happy and healthy parents most likely can have happy and healthy kids.
In order to have a Future scientist we should start working from the very first day of life, take the guess work away from raising a child, please do not try the methods that has already proven to be wrong and ineffective, provide food child brain as well as other part of the body.

First of all the food for baby is mom's milk. Mom's milk in the best and there is no substitute and second choice for that whether we like it or not.

Formula is not good and even it was when you offer it to your baby everyday you would bore him or her to death. Mom's milk taste different everyday depending on what Mom eats, and keep in mind that whatever that mom eat is going to end up in baby's tummy, so Mommy should eat the best possible food a diet full of fruit vegetable. What baby need is plenty of milk and by eating vegetable and fruit Mom can achieve this goal readily, Mom should avoid cooked food all together, processed food sugar and coffee. Mom can have everything as long as it is Suncooked, absolutely no alcohol cigarettes and junk snacks.
Now question is what happens if for some reason Mom does not have any milk at all to feed her baby.
The same answer apply to this question that what happens if someone is involved in an accident and is in need of blood what should be done, people have never tried to make artificial blood for human and if they did nobody would trust to inject an artificial blood into his vein what makes us think that human can make artificial milk, it might not kill immediately but this formula would take years off of baby’s life. So the best remedy when Mom does not have milk is to use others that do, or we can make milk bank why not here is one subject that lots of doctors can work on to see the feasibility and how it can be done safely instead of offering any other kind of milk such as (cow, goat, formula,….) to human baby.

To be continued

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