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"The biggest mistake and misconception of human beings is to think that all fruits and vegetables are raw. They most certainly are not. They have been cooked by sun in a course of 5 to 6 months. That's way they should not be cooked again and stripped of their entire nutrients. They should be thought of as Suncooked. That’s what they really are"

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Blue Sky

Food Factory
I never trust my food to be manufactured in a factory with a low ceiling (like a kitchen); I only trust the food that has been created under the blue sky.


“The world around us is like a big oven, and the sun in the middle is the element or the energy source of this oven. Any fruit, vegetable… which is cooked in this oven is suncooked; it is not raw anymore and does not need to be cooked again in our small kitchen ovens”

Q: Do you know how we have been able to reduce our life expectancy from hundreds of years to only a few decades full of stress, pain and sufferings?
A: Just by cooking our food.

Fruit and vegtable

Man Cooked

**How many times you have gone to an oil change shop and asked  the guy that please put burnt oil (used oil) in to my car, probably none and instead you have always asked  for the best oil, but how is that we put burnt oil(fat) into our body for whole life time and expect that  our body work fine. And this kind of food makes us happy. This is never going to happen.**


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Who is a sunian?

The Sunian is the term we used for someone who eats Suncooked. This word is obviously not in the dictionary yet because it is the first time that has been used, hopefully someday it would appear in the dictionary.
The reason for choosing this word is to minimize the ambiguity and confusion over what to eat and what not to eat and how to eat, this word clearly explain that we do not heat and cook.
We also have tried to distinguish between Sunian and vegetarian, vegan and others because Millions of people around the world are in these categories and at the same time they cook their food.

We have mentioned before Suncooked is not raw, but most of the mentioned groups think that they are eating raw food, you might argue that the end result is the same and this is just something in their mind and it is only a minor Difference; this might be true but we have to admit that because of these ideas millions of people have build up strong resentment toward Suncooked because they have heard vegetarians saying that these food are raw.

Now the big question is how can we approach and what are the steps to take to become a Sunian; we admit it is not easy for some of us (which might include almost all of us) who has been eating cooked food all their life, all of a sudden take 180 degree turn and eat the exact opposite kind of food. It is not easy to give up processed food over night, many of as drink, smoke and been eating cooked food for all our lives. The transaction between cooked and suncooked food should be done gradually, anybody can determine her or his own strategy but everyone should come to this belief first that cooked food is not good and sooner or later would lead to destroy our health and has dramatic consequences.

We can always start with small changes like first if you eat unhealthy snacks like potato chips, candies, cookies, Pretzel, give up those because the body is not addicted to those and absolutely nothing is going to happen after quitting these.

The second step is to quit the things which are harder to quit like smoking, drinking, coffee, tea,… by subsisting better eating habit instead, and by doing lots of exercise, walking or another healthy hobbies like painting, reading or anything that takes your mind of off these. You should repeat to yourself that those mentioned items are not even food, which means your body does not need them.

The craving for them is mostly in the mind. The last step is to substitute suncooked for cooked food, one way to do this is by reducing the amount of cooked food with Suncooked like if you used to eat boiled corn, cooked carrots, cooked broccoli, cauliflower with your food now you can start eating them suncooked, nothing would happen and after a while you get so use to them that you wouldn’t want to switch back.

At the beginning you might not fined suncooked food fulfilling, the reason for that is because people do not eat complete set of suncooked, by that we mean we should eat vegetable, fruit , nuts (walnut, almond ) Date, honey ,and if you are used to eat bread you can try whole wheat , Oat grots instead, And depending on your age and level of activates you should eat more or less, but keep in mind just by eating a bowl of salad you cannot survive through the day, what you need is all or most of the mentioned group of suncooked.

Next time that you are in supermarket for shopping try to stay in produce section for longer time and try to buy different kind of produce and at the beginning bye a little bit more than what you used to buy encourage yourself to eat more from this section rather than the rest.


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