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"The biggest mistake and misconception of human beings is to think that all fruits and vegetables are raw. They most certainly are not. They have been cooked by sun in a course of 5 to 6 months. That's way they should not be cooked again and stripped of their entire nutrients. They should be thought of as Suncooked. That’s what they really are"

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Blue Sky

Food Factory
I never trust my food to be manufactured in a factory with a low ceiling (like a kitchen); I only trust the food that has been created under the blue sky.


“The world around us is like a big oven, and the sun in the middle is the element or the energy source of this oven. Any fruit, vegetable… which is cooked in this oven is suncooked; it is not raw anymore and does not need to be cooked again in our small kitchen ovens”

Q: Do you know how we have been able to reduce our life expectancy from hundreds of years to only a few decades full of stress, pain and sufferings?
A: Just by cooking our food.

Fruit and vegtable

Man Cooked

**How many times you have gone to an oil change shop and asked  the guy that please put burnt oil (used oil) in to my car, probably none and instead you have always asked  for the best oil, but how is that we put burnt oil(fat) into our body for whole life time and expect that  our body work fine. And this kind of food makes us happy. This is never going to happen.**


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Welcome to the Suncooked Website

We are very happy to see you here. This web site talks about how to reach and preserve a good health and as result improve the quality of our lives. We believe that you would benefit from this site; also recommendations would not conflict with any kind of treatment that someone might be receiving.

We would like to tell you what we think and in return we would love to here from you, so please give us your feedbacks which for sure would be highly appreciated.

Our main intention and at the same time  motivation is to prevent unnecessary human suffering and pain due to sickness by observing simple facts about human body and mind.

We also believe that being healthy is not out of reach and  these efforts would eventually and defiantly lead us to prosperity and tranquility.

We realize that we have a long way to go and also we do not rule out any possibility of mistakes so again we would love to hear from you.

Suncooked is a new concept and along with it there is a new way of life which we call Sunian (we were the first to start it ) in a sense that we should be eating what ever that has been provided by sun not by human.

Suncooked is the real food not an artificial human made product which is nothing but poison and losing health is the immediate consequence of eating them.

A big chunk of this website is dedicated to these ideas, also another mission of Suncooked is to reexamine some of the facts about life and addressing some issues which affects our lives dramatically ,problems which  seem to be huge at the first glance but can be cured very easily  and that is by making small changes in our life style.

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